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Chris Curran's Step-by-Step Seller's Guide

Putting your Tampa Bay home on the market can be a stressful process, especially when you don’t know what to expect. Fortunately, with the help of an experienced agent  and this easy to follow  guide, you can smoothly complete the process. Following these steps  will help you prepare so you can get organized and sell your home for  the best price possible.​​​​​​​


1) Hire a REALTOR® - Sign Listing Agreement

Responsible Party: Seller

They’ll provide you with comprehensive, high-quality service. So when you decide to sell your home be sure to take advantage of the knowledge, experience and professionalism of a REALTOR®.


2) Fill Out Appropriate Disclosures

Responsible Party: Seller

Sellers Property Disclosure, Lead-Based Paint, HOA. These disclosures inform a Buyer of all the necessary information for them to make an educated decision.


3) Home Preparation

Responsible Party: Seller/Agent


  • Get rid of unwanted furniture.
  • Pack away items not needed.
  • Got stuff to haul away? 


  • Professional Cleaning $150-$350.


  • Mow, trim, edge, weed, cut back bushes, trim trees, fresh mulch


  • Paint touch-ups, tighten loose doorknobs, shampoo/replace carpets

4) Strategically Price Your Home

Responsible Party: Agent

Try to be impartial. Remember why you are selling. Research online and in person. Get a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) from your REALTOR®. The Bottom Line: Realistic Pricing IS Strategic Pricing.


5) Effectively Market Your Home

Responsible Party: Agent

MLS, Zillow,, Print Advertising, Open House, Hi-Res photos, 3D-Virtual Walk Through, Aerial Photos, Twilight Photos. Market Your Community as Well As Your Home.


6) Showing Your Home

Responsible Party: Seller/Agent

  • Ideally, you should be absent so buyers feel comfortable making comments.
  • Open all drapes and shades during daylight hours to let in as much light as possible but screen out unappealing views. Light the whole house, especially dark corners, and hallways.
  • Showcase your home’s best features. Open all doors between rooms to give an inviting feeling.
  • Pick up toys, remove all clutter, ensure beds are made, clothes put away.
  • Trash and recycling bins should be tidy and odor-free.
  • Ideally, pets should be unseen. Pet areas should be clean and odor-free. Not everyone may share your love of animals, and some may be allergic to them.
  • Important: Keep Your Home Available (And Ready) For Showings.


7) Negotiating the Best Possible Deal

Responsible Party: Seller/Agent

3 Main Areas of an Offer

Sales Price

  • Be prepared to not be offered full price. Rarely do buyers offer their best offer first.
  • Payment: Cash, Conventional, FHA or VA Loans.

Seller Concessions

  • Some buyers ask for sellers to contribute to their closing costs.


  • Closing Date, Inspection Period, Appliances, Warranties, other.

You may Accept, Reject or Counteroffer

  • Realtors will give you advice about each offer’s merits. It’s your choice what to do. Sleep on it!

No Personal Feelings Allowed

  • It’s your home, however the buyer is looking at this as a business deal.

8) Inspection Period

Responsible Party: Buyer/Buyer's Agent

An independent inspection of the home’s structural and functional condition (foundation, roof, electrical, heating, plumbing, etc.).

Inspections Scheduled(7-15 day period)

  • Buyer may ask for repairs. 4 Point (Roof, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical) issues are typically brought up so the buyer can obtain Homeowner’s Insurance.
  • Cosmetic issues are negotiable, but usually homeowner maintenance.
  • The other Buyer’s Realtor and buyer are recommended to be present the last 30 minutes to an hour for an Executive Summary. Allow a few days for inspection results to be shared.

9) Appraisal Period

 An appraiser will inspect the home for room/home measurements and conditions.

They will assign a value of the home-based on the above compared to recent sales in your area.

If the value is at or above the sales price, we move forward. If below we renegotiate or cancel.

If the buyer is using financing, the lender will only lend on the appraisal value.


10) Fulfilling Contingencies and Special Conditions

Responsible Party: Buyer/Seller/Mortgage Lender

The buyer’s securing of financing. Title Search – a historical review of all legal documents relating to ownership of the property to ensure that there are no claims against the title of the property.


11) Closing Preparation

Responsible Party: Seller and Buyer

Buyer's Final Walk-Through: The buyer is given the chance to look at the home to make sure that it’s in the same condition as when the sale agreement was signed.
  • Prepare to have your all your belongings moved out a day prior to closing.
  • Arrange for utilities to be turned off the day after closing.
    • Water, Electric, Cable, and Internet
  • Update address on shipping services.
    • Amazon, Chewy, eBay, Target, etc.
  • Forward current mail to a new address.
  • Collect all keys (house, mailbox, pool) and garage door openers.

12) Closing Day

Arrive at the title company, bing your ID, bring ALL keys and openers, sign your documents, and enjoy your profits!

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